Enlighted Kit Set

Rp 30.000



Enlighted Kit Set merupakan set yang bisa meregenerasi HP saat terkena pukulan secara terus menerus

Enlighted Kit Set terdiri dari:

1. Enlighted Helmet
2. Enlighted Chestplate
3. Enlighted Leggings
4. Enlighted Boots
5. Enlighted Sword

Enchantment Enlighted Kit Set terdiri dari:

1. Custom Enchant Enlighted Level 3
2. Custom Enchant Overload Level 3
3. Custom Enchant Glowing Level 1 (Helmet)
4. Custom Enchant Gears Level 1 (Boots)
5. Custom Enchant Lifesteal Level 5 (Sword)
6. Normal Enchant Unbreaking Level 3
7. Normal Enchant Mending Level 1


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